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Victor Pytko (as Richard Sterling)


D. Victor Pytko has spent a lifetime in communications and image making. His career began in 1968 as a photojournalist/features writer for the Bloomington (IN) Tribune following four years of art training at Indiana University. Over the next 12 years, Pytko advanced to editor of a weekly newspaper in Martinsville, Ind. then on to top editorial posts at several publications in Ohio and culminating as news editor in Ypsilanti, Mich. Then after taking two years off to study computer programming at Eastern Michigan University, he moved into public relations responsible for client image and brand management at one of Michigan’s largest PR firms. He then advanced from vice president to managing director leading the Detroit office of the world’s third largest PR agency. In 2001, Pytko and his wife Barbara Porter formed their own firm, PorterPytko Marketing & Public Relations which continues today.

From high school through his adult years, Pytko also honed his artistic talents and as a painter has had dozens of exhibitions, commissions and demonstrations. His talent has earned him three artist residencies and most recently he was named finalist in the 2013 statewide MI Great Artist competition.

Starting in 2007, when he was an extra in a locally-made feature movie, Pytko added moving image making to his creative talents and today writes, acts in, directs, produces and edits motion pictures. He has been involved in the making of more than 50 movies, commercials and business videos.

Article: Art Takes Center Stage At The William E. Scripps Estate

From PROSPER magazine

Loving City Life


Victor Pytko's long career centered mostly in public relations.

"Unofficially, I retired about three years ago," says the 15-year Birmingham resident. Meanwhile, he also enjoyed a busy fine arts career. His paintings have been juried into several Oakland County shows and he's also often called upon to be a juror himself. Just recently, Pytko was voted as a semifinalist in the MI Great Artist competition.

But you won't find Pytko in his art studio all of the time. Eight years ago, he spread his creative wings into the world of movie production.

"I started as an extra and was hooked," he says.

Since then, Pytko has acted in some 50 movies ("some with speaking parts," he says with a chuckle) and has advanced to being a director and filmmaker.

Getting Reel: Many of the productions Pytko works on are filmed in Oakland County, including HBO's Hung and the film, The Ides of March, starring George Clooney.

The Plot Thickens: Pytko won four awards for his movie, Lemon Lane, which he made two summers ago for the 48-Hour Film Project: Detroit competition (participants are challenged to create a film in 48 hours or less).

Table for Two, or One: Pytko's current favorite eatery is Birmingham's Social Kitchen and Bar. In the early-early hours of the morning, he likes to slide into a booth at Leo's Coney Island for a bagel and coffee.

Walk the Walk: "I like living in Birmingham because we can walk downtown. We can go to the movies, enjoy great restaurants and art galleries and shows, shop … It's a small city that fulfills all our needs for city life and entertainment." He and his wife also like to shop at Somerset Collection in Troy.



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