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The Mantis and Moon Thunder Series is a non-judgmental depiction of the symbolic balance between man and his environment.


THUNDER ON THE LAKE is coming soon

and is returning to thunder on the farm

10 years later in ultra high definition

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The Thunder On The Lake is the third of the Thunder Series. The project was filmed in Alaska, Ontario, and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

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Thunder On The Farm

A ground-breaking documentary, Thunder on the Farm was the first documentary ever to air on PBS without any spoken dialogue. With no spoken words throughout the whole film, this ground-breaking documentary set the bar for other upcoming documentaries like "MOVING ART" and was the first film ever played on PBS. It has also received awards from the international wildlife film festival and the rural routes Ozark film festival.

Thunder On The Mountain

Following thunder on the farm, Thunder on the mountain was the second film played on PBS with no spoken words in the entire program, proving the claim on Thunder on the farm that paved the way for these documentaries to be discovered. It is a winner of more than one international award from wildlife festivals.

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