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The Society Main Cast


Breaking: Final Cast List Available Now!

Well, it is finally finished!

The tentative final cast list is now available. Mantis and Moon makes all cast lists tentative based on availability of talent and to be finalized through the rehearsal process. There are still a few rolls that a final decision has not yet been made on so keep an eye out. Please review it to see if you have been selected for a major role. Please remember that if you were not selected for a major role in "The Society", you are still in consideration for our future projects. In fact, you may have already been selected for one.

We have been honored by the fantastic response and quality of the people attending the auditions. We have entered all of you into our database for consideration in future projects, and I am sure that there will be at least a few schedule conflicts with respect to our current cast list, so if you were not selected for a major role, we certainly hope that you will help us by being extras when possible, and in future projects. Our next full length motion picture, entitled "Boy Sleeping" is now in pre production, and over 75% of the roles are filled by people who auditioned for "The Society". Notifications for "Boy Sleeping" will not go out for a few months, but don't forget us, we will not forget you!!!!

Thanks a million, everyone,


* This list is not final in that all actors and actresses have not yet confirmed availability.

** Mantis and Moon reserves the right to make any changes in cast at any point during the production of this project.

We will be updating cast information, projects, credits and IMDB etc... as the information becomes available.

 The Society Final Cast List:

Character Name:
Portrayed By:
Richard Sterling
Victor Pytko
 IMDB Link

- Demon Equation - Lester Fisherman
- The Slate: Casting by Larry Donovan - Maynard Donovan
- Slash Fiction - Ed Mizel
- Alleged - Defense lawyer
- Cedar Rapids - Merle Huss
Sylvia Sterling

Pat Strobl
 - A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum
- In Pursuit Of Ethics

- Nursing Resources
- Buckeye Cable promo
- Eldon Drapes
- Bartz-Viviano
Sr. Partner 1

Thomas December

- Little Creeps - Basketball Coach
- Real Steel - Extra
- Street Kings: Motown - Extra
- A Love That Hurts - Business Executive
- Let Them Eat Cake - Dctor
- Green’s Cuties - Sgt. Kryzinski
- 5 Year Engagement - Extra

Television Commercial:
- Promedica Hospitals - Senior Arm Wrestler
- Big Boy Restaurants - Principal Customer
- Michigan Education Assoc. - Chief Executive Officer
- Chevrolet Michigan Dealers - Grandfather
Jessica Flowers
 IMDB Link

- Transformers 3: Dark Side Of The Moon - Extra
- Ides of March - Extra
- R & B Music Video
- Awol
- I, Alex Cross
- Sparkle

- MTV Pilot
- Final Witness

Matt Birch
Charles Naccarato

- Secretariat - Extra
- Headlines From The Apocalypse - Reporter
- Fine Tune - Uncle Rocky
- Winesburg, Ohio - Hop Higgins
Jim Parker
Jamie Wheatley
Jim Parker's Office Manager

Juli Korsnack
Audrey Rush
Orville Hoffener
Richard Hingst
- Memories - Co-star
- Miss Iron RIver - Supporting
- Art Thou? - Supporting
Tim O’Neil Jr
Tim Kaiser
 IMDB link

- Believe Again - Lead
- Fathergood - Lead
- No One in the World - Lead
 Tim O'Neil Sr

Ralph Meyer
 IMDB Link

- Sparkle - Coney Island Crook
- The Ides of March - Senior Staff/Mourner
- Freaky Deaky - Studio Executive
- Real Steel - Cowboy/Upscale Fan
- The Five Year Engagement - Mourner
Tim O'Neil Sr's Wife
Pinky Edens
- The Four Times My Sister Cried - Lead
- Summer Birds - Lead
- The Wheel
- Muddy Hands - Bit
- Brains for Beauty - Bit
- Electrolux Industrial - Saleswoman
- Big Bird Goes To The Hospital - Bit
Tina Wagner

Gail Hodson

- Band of Drivers - Supporting
- They Call Me Sunshine - Lead

- Hot Water Lobster               
- FOX Toledo commercial
- Wheeler Wash (infomercial)

- Home Run Showdown
- The Giant Mechanical Man
- Five-Year Engagement
- Hung
Duane Sampson
Chris McCail
Jeanette Sampson

Dominique Paramore
Senior Superintendent
Brian Michalak
Mark Wagner

David Hancock

- Tom Jones - Squire Weston
- A Christmas Carol
- A Cast of Wayward Saints - Harlequin
- A Taste of Honey - Geoffrey
- MacBeth - MacBeth
Senior Partner 2
Joe Dowling
- The Christmas Carol - Mr. Fezziwig
                                       - Solicitor's 1 & 2
                                       - Scrooges' Mourners
- Television Commercials
         - Doozy's Restaurant
         - Nick & Jimmies
         - Chips Away
         - Brown Mitsubishi
Betty at the Home Office
Mari Stewart
 IMDB Link

- Mr. Coffee's Journal - Supporting
- One Nation Under God - Supporting
- Vegas: Interrupted - Supporting
Stephanie Paris
Embassy worker
Pam Haynam
John’s friend in the military
Walbert Beltran
 Adam Fincher
Ron Leonhardt
Election Speaker

Fred Czaja
 Martin Thorne

John Sweeney 
 UPS Driver

Odin Cowles
Greg Hill Sr.

Kenneth Kott
 Natalia's Friend

Fred Lopez  

Matt Birch's Hired Help

Jeff Ruggiero

Judge Jacobs

Judge Barber


Jenny Cubillos Averill

Natalia's Mother

Maria Ines Cubillos

Natalia's Brother

John Alexander Quiroga Cubillos

Internet Cafe Owner/Natalia's Friend

Sandra Viviana Pinto

 Jury Members:

In no particular order: Sanddra Rivers-Gill, Mary Jo Gavin, Tonja Hansen, Sharla Fasko, Kate Fasko, Tyria Allen, Laura Neely, Ben Blaesing, Vince Swann, Glen Gruetter, Daphne Early, Annette Stidham

Society Board Members: 

Portrayed By:
Susan Voight
Anita S. Farrar
 IMDB Link

- Coming of Age - Supporting
- Detroit Dream - Supporting
- Marison - Supporting
- 420themovement - Supporting
- Bennetta Wigs - Supporting

Dr. Paul Rega

Linda Goodwin

Phillip McDermott

Ronald Bradley