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The Society

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 It's Movie Time in Downtown Sylvania

Article by: Amanda Swanson

"We're going to try to get a sweeping shot for the aesthetics, to contrast against Botota, Colombia. That's quite a contrast," said local film director Cap Averill II on Sept. 9 as he prepared to travel in a crane down Main Street shooting film footage.

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Filming for the North American portion of The Society begins!

Filming for The Society's North American portion has begun! Check back often to see pictures from the filming.

Movie shooting in Sylvania to begin

"It’s been a couple of years in the making and nearly a year since it had a casting call in Sylvania, but a film called The Society by a Toledo movie production company will be shooting in Sylvania."

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The Society cast and crew celebrate at Chandler Cafe

Article by Mary Helen Darah

The cast for the movie, "The Society" has been selected. To celebrate, a cast party was held at Chandler Cafe on March 19th.

The Script calls for scenes at the Sylvania Police Station and Sylvania Municipal Court.

Local director gets film cast and crew together

Article by Carl Ryan

Amid the clink of wine glasses Monday evening in Chandler Cafe in downtown Sylvania, the talk was of movies, and especially of one called The Society.

Director and screenwriter Cap Averill II held a reception for his cast so they could meet and get to know each other. It also was an opportunity to recruit extras

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Rehearsals to start in March in Sylvania for 'The Society' movie

Mantis and Moon Productions has finished casting and its filming in Bogata, Columbia for The Society, and rehearsals will begin this month in Sylvania.

The scenes will be used but the movie will not indicate the northwest Ohio city is part of the film's story. The filming is expected to use 1970s-era vehicles to drive and park on Sylvania streets to support the story’s time period. The movie is part romantic comedy and part legal drama.

The movie, the first to be shot in the city, is being produced Sylvania resident Cap Averill, owner of Mantis and Moon. He also manages Cap Averill II and Associates, Inc., an insurance company in Toledo.

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WTOL Covers The Society

"The city of Sylvania has been chosen as the shooting location for an independent film. The film The Society will begin rehearsals in Sylvania in early March. Filmmakers have already begun to shoot the movie in Bogota, Columbia, and will be heading to northwest Ohio after that."

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Mantis and Moon heads to Colombia

Filming begins this week for Mantis and Moon’s newest feature “The Society”. The film is aimed for the festival circuits, and will be submitted to IFC. The first part of the film is being shot in Bogota Colombia. Mantis and Moon has received special permission from the Colombian film Commission to film on Colombian territories.

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The Society main cast has been selected!

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The story of The Society is built on two sub themes, one a hard hitting legal battle over a company’s broken promise, the other a love story between a North American man and South American woman.

The legal drama unfolds, from the corporate promises made to an eager 25 year old, through the range of emotions that come, with the disappointment, of being let down by those that you believed in and trusted at the age of 45.

The two stories become entangled as the two lovers struggle with the social, cultural, and theological differences separating them. How they endure, learn, and rise above those differences brings out the love story.

The love story tempers the legal drama, and the legal drama validates the love story. As the lines, which have become increasingly blurred, separating, right from wrong, justice from corruption, become more and more clear, their unfaltering love finds its way.


Society crew during September 2013 filming: Pictured left to right - (top row) Brian Anson, Zachary Gordon, Jan Czernik
(bottom row) Kyle Wisniewski, Angie Sanchez, Cap Averill II, Chuy De Los Santos

 The Society Production Stills: April 7th - 13th

Check out all the production stills from The Society below!


The Society Production Stills: March 10th - 17th


The Society Production Stills: February 2nd


The Society Production Stills: January 20th

Check out all the production stills from The Society below!


The Society Production Stills: January 5th, 6th and 12th

Check out all the production stills from The Society below!


The Society Production Stills: September 2012 and Bogota

Check out The Society production stills below!