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 Toledo Blade: Mantis and Moon shoot parts of film at Wingate Hotel

"Sylvania's Wingate Hotel was the scene of filming on today for a locally produced movie, The Society.

Mantis and Moon’s production, a movie produced by Sylvania resident Cap Averill II, is set is Bogota, Columbia, where much of the filming has been completed. Production of the movie began in 2006.

With help from the Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce, part of the film has been shot in Sylvania. Some footage already has been shot on Main Street, at the municipal building, several residences, and the Sylvania Court House.

The Society, Mr. Averill has said, is part romantic comedy and part legal drama and is set in the 1970s.

Several hundred people auditioned six months ago and the movie has been filming since last August. A cast of 40-50 principals will be used and another call for extras will take place before more filming commences.

He is shooting the film with his partner, Zachary Gordon. Mr. Gordon [was director of photography of] the company’s first film, Out of the Shadows, in 2004."

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 Sylvania Advantage: Film production takes place at Wingate by Wyndham Hotel

"Movie director Cap Averill and his Mantis & Moon crew spent a snowy Saturday shooting scenes for his current film “The Society” at the Wingate by Wyndham Hotel on Main Street in Sylvania. “The people have been very nice at Wingate,” commented Mr. Averill, a Sylvania native. “Unfortunately, with the weather we were tracking in snow and mud with all of our heavy equipment. We offered to take care of it but they took care of everything, and they also supplied the food we needed for props.” The movie crew spent about 4 hours on board room and meeting scenes. “It was nice having them here,” said Wingate sales manager Allison Stout. “It seemed just like any other real meeting that takes place here.” The next time film production takes place in Sylvania will be March, at the courthouse and the Chamber of Commerce.

Included in the Wingate scenes were Victor Pytko, Charles Naccarato, David Hancock, Ralph Meyer, Richard Hingst, Anita Farrar, Dr. Paul Rega, Morris Sullivan, Mari Stewart, Linda Goodwin, Phillip McDermott, Ronald Bradley, and Horst Wudi.

With help from Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce the drama is being filmed in several areas of Sylvania, on Main Street, at the municipal building, several residences and the Sylvania Court House. Several hundred people auditioned six months ago and the movie has been filming since last August. A cast of 40-50 principals will be used and a call for extras will take place before the film commences.

Mantis and Moon President Cap Averill states “The Society, is one part international romantic comedy and one part “keep it real” legal drama. “The Society” asks the pivotal questions – What is justice to you? What would be the personal and financial cost of seeking that justice? Would those costs outweigh the benefit in the end? More importantly what are the real chances of winning?"

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Sylvania Advantage: Local productions accepted for national distribution

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Our Town Sylvania: Sylvania film company gets OK for movies to show on PBS

"Two movies by Mantis and Moon film production company, owned by Cap Averill II of Sylvania, have been approved for national distribution on Public Broadcasting Stations.

The approval, by the National Educational Telecommunications Association, is for association members, such as numerous PBS stations throughout the country. That means the movies will play to a wider audience.

Approved for Mantis and Moon were Thunder on the Mountain in the Thunder Series, as well as the documentary Wants and Needs. The original Thunder Series project, Thunder on the Farm, was resubmitted after a previous run and was also accepted.

The Mantis and Moon's Thunder Series depicts the symbiotic balance between man and the environment. Wants and Needs is about a five-year study on cyclical recession and depressions.

The National Educational Telecommunications Association serves public television licensees and educational entities across the country. WGTE-TV’s Darren LaShelle was supportive of the approval of the local movies."

 NETA has approved Wants and Needs, Thunder on the Farm
and Thunder on the Mountain for seeding

Mantis and Moon is excited to announce that several of our titles have been approved for national distribution through NETA!

NETA, or the National Educational Telecommunications Association:

The National Educational Telecommunications Association is a professional association
that serves public television licensees and educational entities in all 50 states, the U.S.
Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. We connect people and ideas, by providing quality programming,
educational resources, professional development, management support, and national representation.

Our second entry in the Thunder Series, Thunder on the Mountain as well as our documentary, Wants and Needs were approved for distribution through NETA. Our original Thunder Series project, Thunder on the Farm, was resubmitted after a previous run and was also accepted. What does this mean? It means that NETA members, such as numerous PBS stations throughout the country, will have access to play our documentaries and they will be available to a wider audience.

It's Movie Time in Downtown Sylvania

Article by: Amanda Swanson

"We're going to try to get a sweeping shot for the aesthetics, to contrast against Botota, Colombia. That's quite a contrast," said local film director Cap Averill II on Sept. 9 as he prepared to travel in a crane down Main Street shooting film footage.

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 WTOL Covers Filming in Sylvania

WTOL covered the filming beginning in Sylvania, Ohio. Check out the video below.

 The Society cast and crew celebrate at Chandler Cafe

Article by Mary Helen Darah

The cast for the movie, "The Society" has been selected. To celebrate, a cast party was held at Chandler Cafe on March 19th.

The Script calls for scenes at the Sylvania Police Station and Sylvania Municipal Court.

 Rehearsals to start in March in Sylvania for 'The Society' movie

Mantis and Moon Productions has finished casting and its filming in Bogata, Columbia for The Society, and rehearsals will begin this month in Sylvania.

The scenes will be used but the movie will not indicate the northwest Ohio city is part of the film's story. The filming is expected to use 1970s-era vehicles to drive and park on Sylvania streets to support the story’s time period. The movie is part romantic comedy and part legal drama.

The movie, the first to be shot in the city, is being produced Sylvania resident Cap Averill, owner of Mantis and Moon. He also manages Cap Averill II and Associates, Inc., an insurance company in Toledo.

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Local director gets film cast and crew together

Article by Carl Ryan

Amid the clink of wine glasses Monday evening in Chandler Cafe in downtown Sylvania, the talk was of movies, and especially of one called The Society.

Director and screenwriter Cap Averill II held a reception for his cast so they could meet and get to know each other. It also was an opportunity to recruit extras

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 Movie shooting in Sylvania

Article by Ashley Streichert

"It’s been a couple of years in the making and nearly a year since it had a casting call in Sylvania, but in March a film called The Society by a Toledo movie production company will be shooting in Sylvania."

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 WTOL Covers The Society

Article By Erin Kelly

"The city of Sylvania has been chosen as the shooting location for an independent film.

The film The Society will begin rehearsals in Sylvania in early March. Filmmakers have already begun to shoot the movie in Bogota, Columbia, and will be heading to northwest Ohio after that."

Check out the whole article here

The final cast list for The Society has been posted

The final cast list is now available. There are still a few roles that a final decision has not yet been made on so keep an eye out. Please review it to see if you have been selected for a major role. Please remember that if you were not selected for a major role in "The Society", you are still in consideration for our future projects.


Mantis and Moon heads to Colombia

Filming begins this week for Mantis and Moon’s newest feature “The Society”. The film is aimed for the festival circuits, and will be submitted to IFC.

The first part of the film is being shot in Bogota Colombia. Mantis and Moon has received special permission from the Colombian film Commission to film on Colombian territories.

The permission received by Mantis and Moon is for filming between the 20th and the 30th of January.

“The entire shoot will take place in the capital city of Bogota, a city of 12 million people at 9,000 feet of altitude, in the Andes. We are excited to be one of the first Independent film companies in the world, to shoot Bogota on “Red Cam”

Casting for the North American Scenes is finished, and rehearsals are to begin in March. With the help of Pat Nowak we are finishing up the location scouting for the Sylvania/North West Ohio shoots.

Click here for more information about the society

Check out some pictures of the filming below

 Thunder on the Lake moves to post production

The third project in the Thunder Series “Thunder on the Lake” moves up the queue in post production. The footage shot from northern Michigan, Canada and Alaska, all in HDVCPro High Definition, is stunning. This will be another great addition to the Series.

 Filming begins for Thunder on the Farm RED

Mantis and Moon has begun remaking the award winning “Thunder on the Farm”. This project will be shot entirely on Red Cam and DVC-Pro HD. These digital formats are the state of the art technologies available today, for high definition projects these systems exceed even the maximum requirements for all HD television stations. The footage screened so far is absolutely beautiful. We are well into the first few days of spring and are very excited about the prospects for this new project. The first Thunder on the Farm was 34:00 minutes we are expecting this remake to come in at one hour.

 Mantis and Moon to closes out the May Movies on Adams St

Mantis and moon closed out the Adams Street May film series. We screened “Out of the Shadows”, at The Attic, in downtown Toledo.It seemed like everyone there had a good time. It was an intimate setting, and we’d like to thank the auditioners that made it out. We are amassing an incredible troop of dedicated and talented folks and we appreciate their support of our films. Thanks to Scott Recker at Toledo City Paper for coming out and helping put the May series together.

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 Sylvania Advantage Article excitement builds around M&M

Cap had a great interview with Sharon Lang of the Sylvania Advantage, who wrote an article on the company that has recently run in the Sylvania Advantage paper. After running through the list of all that's happening with M&M, it is hard not to feel the excitement and energy building.

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Fox Toledo At The Society Auditions

Fox Toledo came out to our April 12th, 2011 audition.

The Society Auditions in the Toledo Blade

Article by David Patch

A Toledo movie production company plans to shoot a feature film in Sylvania this summer and fall -- if it can find the right people to play the leading roles.

To that end, Mantis and Moon Moving Pictures and Sound will hold casting auditions next week in search of candidates for several dozen speaking roles in its legal drama/love story that is to include extended scenes at the Sylvania Police Department and Sylvania Municipal Court.

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The Society Auditions Interview 

Mantis and Moon CEO, Cap Averill II, appeared on Fox Toledo on the 10pm news to talk about the auditions for our upcoming full length motion picture, "The Society".

Mantis and Moon in The Blade

Article by Kirk Baird

"Dumb luck." That, saidCap Averill II, has as much as anything to do with his success as a Toledo filmmaker.

Averill, 48, is the owner and president of Mantis & Moon, one of the area’s more successful independent film companies.

After graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a focus on still photography, Averill co-wrote a screenplay with a friend about their ongoing divorces, leading to an unexpected career making movies.

The two collaborated on the film Out of the Shadows, which was shot in northwest Ohio in 2003-04 with a local cast and crew and submitted to three film festivals, including one in Hollywood where it won Best Full-Length Motion Picture Narrative."

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Toledo Blade 3-13-2011

Mantis and Moon in the Sylvania Herald

Article by Pat Nowak

"The second film of the internationally award-winning Ohio based Film Company, Mantis and Moon High Definition Moving Pictures and Sound, is “Thunder Series – Thunder on the Mountain.” The film, which is in release to film festivals around the country, gained honorable recognition from The Montana Cine International Film Festival. The local film company’s film received two honorable mention awards for “Use of natural sound” and “Creative approach” for its first submission. Mantis and Moon has yet to release a project that has not won or been recognized by an international festival."

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Sylvania Herald December 10th, 2010

Mantis and Moon on Fox Toledo

Segment about Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows in the Toledo City Paper

Article by Jason Webber

Jeez, what’s a guy gotta do to get kidnapped in Colombia these days?

Try as he might — and he’s trying his damndest — Toledo native and filmmaker Carleton “Cap” Averill II can’t find anyone to do the deed.

Averill recently returned to the South American country to film footage for his new film “Kidnapped in Bogota.” The plot: He walks up to Bogota natives and asks them, in a polite way, to kidnap him. Should be easy enough; kidnappings in Colombia have been featured news for decades. But all Averill gets for his Borat-like antics are confused looks and hearty laughs from Bogota residents. Averill is disappointed. Is this the same kidnap-happy Colombia that provided the backdrop for “Romancing the Stone?”

Actually, Averill’s kidding. The whole film is a joke; he’s poking fun at the stereotype of Colombia as a kidnap and murder hotbed.

“It used to be bad, sure,” says Averill, a Jack Nicholson-like grin spreading across his face. “But it’s gotten a lot safer in the last decade. There was one kidnapping last year. Per capita, there’s a better chance of being kidnapped in the U.S. than in Colombia.”

So the kidnapping thing hasn’t worked out yet. Averill’s filmmaking career? Now that’s another story.

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